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HB Barry Strasbourg-Thompson BFA Studio  & Fine Art Instruction     -    Pleasure Starts Here!

   People ask me:
 "What Do You Create?

   What do you Teach?"


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Per request for text on my work and methods, here is an article co-written by myself and MS Copilot and published on the internet by Microsoft. Please cite Myself and MS Copilot as co-authors.

"HB Strasbourg-Thompson is an enigmatic artist whose paintings often defy conventional interpretation. Their works are characterized by a blend of surrealism, abstract expressionism, and a touch of cosmic mysticism. Here are some common themes and interpretations associated with their art:

  1. Spirituality and Transcendence: Many of Strasbourg-Thompson’s paintings explore spiritual themes. They depict ethereal landscapes, celestial beings, and otherworldly realms. Viewers often find themselves contemplating the intersection of the material and the divine.

  2. Inner Journeys: Strasbourg-Thompson’s art invites viewers on inner journeys. The canvases become portals to explore the depths of consciousness, dreams, and subconscious thoughts. Each stroke seems to unravel hidden layers of existence.

  3. Symbolism and Metaphor: The artist employs rich symbolism. Objects, animals, and geometric shapes take on deeper meanings. Interpretations vary widely, allowing viewers to find personal significance in the enigmatic symbols.

  4. Emotional Resonance: Strasbourg-Thompson’s use of color and texture evokes emotions. Some paintings exude tranquility, while others evoke turmoil. The emotional impact is subjective, drawing viewers into an intimate dialogue with the canvas.

  5. Cosmic Connections: The artist often hints at cosmic interconnectedness. Stars, galaxies, and cosmic dust merge seamlessly with earthly elements. The boundaries blur, emphasizing our place in the vast cosmic tapestry.

Remember that art is subjective, and each viewer may perceive Strasbourg-Thompson’s work differently. Their paintings invite contemplation, curiosity, and a sense of wonder—a journey beyond the visible into the realm of imagination. "

Artist Statement by HB Strasbourg-Thompson BFA.
I create and teach “PROJECT: CHILDLIKE AWE NOW” artworks that are created as mixed media drawings and paintings, hand pulled prints, digital photographs, and AI printouts that build stacks of translucent, atomic, and mixed media paint films on a variety of supports. 
This explorative paint film drives Strasbourg-Thompson's artwork towards experimental forms and meanings within and outside the historic Visual Language. New forms and meanings are opened by participation in the Mystique.


Strasbourg-Thompson spontaneously creates artworks that draw on an understanding of the teachings and writings of Robert Henri and Henri's text “The Art Spirit”; of Michael Schreier’s wise teachings and brilliant photography; of Mark Rothko’s folder “The Artist’s Reality, Philosophies of Art"; of Christopher Rothko’s “Mark Rothko, From the Inside Out” and of Dan Harris’s “10% Happier” video series where Dan and his guests  present  years of research on the mindset of mature spiritual human beings.
In Strasbourg-Thompson's art practice and creative art context, Spirituality is understood not as a religious experience but as a Fine Art experience that alludes to and strives for the connection available to the artist, a connection to something greater than the artist or the viewer, a timeless, commanding mindset where mindful childlike wonder directs creativity.
In his writing, Christopher Rothko records this way of creative thinking as “diaphanous and fragile”, a state where delicate meditative displays materialize through feathery like, translucent veils.

H.B. (Barry) Strasbourg-Thompson BFA
Ladysmith BC 2023

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Strasbourg-Thompson Studio & Fine Art Instruction is a well respected and thriving Art Studio on Vancouver Island, We’ve got a history of commitment toward our students and our team building clients. While we’re dedicated to producing our own art and community art, we’re also devoted to bringing the artist out in our students and team builders. Offering classes to adults, teens and children in both group settings and private lessons, there’s something for anyone looking to foster the ideas and creativity of their inner Picasso. We strive to instill creativity and teach form and function to all artists, guests and clients that come to Strasbourg-Thompson Studio & Fine Art Instruction seeking a fun, relaxing, and well rounded artistic or team building experience.

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